Most Complex Flight On Mars

Most complex flight on Mars could not be made by human beings today. A human being would have to use all of his mental, physical and spiritual resources just to be able to reach orbit around the red planet. The most innovative design concept, which was developed during the early 1990s predicts such an occurrence. A team of Russian scientists presented their idea to NASA scientists who are planning to send a manned mission to Mars in 2021. According to this concept, a robotic probe could fly from one planet to another within our solar system via interplanetary space flights.

An interplanetary space flight is an extremely bold mission considering that the current technologies are not capable of sending such a vehicle as we know it to the other planets in our solar system. Therefore, it is highly likely that we won’t see a successful landing of a probe on Mars in our lifetime. However, if it is successfully landed, it would create a historical milestone for humankind. In fact, many scientists believe that it will be much more exciting than landing a person on the moon or the surface of Mars.

Now imagine a scenario where you take off from the International Space Station. You would not be able to glide smoothly and steadily due to aerodynamic air drag. It would be difficult to control your spacecraft since there are no external controls. You can imagine how exhilarating it would be to fly to the moon or Mars using the most sophisticated aircraft ever invented. The concept calls for a crewed mission using space tourism technologies which allows you to visit other worlds in our solar system.

This design concept would also allow private corporations to travel to space using aircraft. This means that they would fly to an aircraft carrier that has enough space to accommodate a variety of aircraft. Then they would charter it out to various remote locations like the poles or the Indian Ocean. They could then use the aircraft for surveillance as well as other military purposes. Since these aircraft are not required to land on each destination like a runway, they would cut down on costs while offering you more safety.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this design concept would be the use of holographic technology. This is where light from a laser would be reflected to produce a 3D effect. Imagine flying through clouds and using the reflection of the bright light from the moon or Mars to guide your vehicle into those clouds. This would not only revolutionize aviation but it may well pave the way for alternate forms of transportation such as space travel.

If you really think about this, it sounds like a great concept. Many major corporations are now talking about putting people into space. One day soon we might have life floating around on Mars. Just like that spectacular video at the top of this article, we might have an idea of how life on Mars will look like. That is the reason why I urge you to look further into this design concept and get excited just like I am.

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